Fair Play Gaming

Fair Play Gaming

In the days before the time of Wi-Fi, before Fibre, before ADSL we had dial up, yes Dial up, where single web pages took an age to open, we are talking minuets not milliseconds. Where you could kick a football faster then you could ping a server. Yes ping was recorded on calendars not MS. Things were slow back then. but for us they seemed lightning fast, because we were PC gamers. We had boxed up the Atari and our favourite pacman and space invaders games. We had made that evolutionary leap to a PC Windows 95, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 9, 10. And as the systems, tech and connections have evolved. the games have too. I'm not sure all for the better. But hell its been fun. It seems the only things not getting better and faster are us, as the majority of its members are aged around 50.

Join us online
 Every Sunday and Tuesday 1800-2100Hrs GMT

Fair Play Gaming works from members voluntary donations, 
some members can't contribute others are generous, 
it doesn't matter. 

What matters is that we are here, having fun together.

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